Zentrum is all in one App Switcher, App Launcher, Control Center and Music Player

Zentrum is all in one App Switcher, App Launcher, Control Center and Music Player

There are so many available tweaks which try to replace the different parts of iOS and merge them into the one packed feature interface. The most popular tweak Auxo 3 is best example of such tweaks. A new Cydia tweak which is recently launched called the Zentrum that merges the App Launcher, App Switcher, Control Center and the music player at the single place. Hence it can replace the app switcher and can easily be accessed by pressing the home button double and you can also change the activation method from the Settings.

In addition to add the all said features with the single interface the Zentrum tweak also enables the users to search for the apps from the launcher. The good news is that the App Launcher gives the convenient way to accessing the favorite apps and the users are also able to select the all or can choose the selective apps from the launcher. To get access to the Music Player the user can swipe right on the app switcher area which opens all the necessary buttons to get control the now playing music. The user can also get control the Control Center by swiping one more time which offers the brightness slider, useful toggles and the utility shortcuts.

The feature which is offered by the Zentrum tweak are highly customizable that included the app arrangement panel, different activation methods, ability to enable or disable the Control Center and control the Music Player along with the change of animation duration. If you hold the Jailbroken device, you can download the Zentrum tweak from the Cydia for just US $ 1.99. it is compatible with the iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone and works best only for iOS 8 and iOS 9.