YouTube downloader Cydia Tweak for IOS 8

Many iPhone users complaining this that they have not single app on official App store that downloads the videos from the YouTube so they are unable to download their favorite videos from the YouTube. In this article we will discuss that how Apple users can download YouTube videos on their phone having IOS 8. First clear it that it cannot be possible without “Jailbreaking” your phone and then download Cydia app store on it. Now the question there is so many application and tweaks which creates confusion to select best of them. In this article we will let you know that which tweaks you go for while downloading the YouTube video.

Method to download YouTube videos on your iPhone having IOS

The first method you need to go for is to simple download “Cercube” tweak from the Cydia app store after jailbreaking your iPhone. Cercube is a Cydia tweak which helps in downloading YouTube videos from your iPhone. Whenever you play a video on your iPhone you will see a little button under “What to Watch” section. Moreover it also brings some other useful features in the application of the YouTube and really change the way you use it to watch the videos on YouTube.

Install “Cercube” on your IOS device

  1. Once you have jailbreak your phone then install this tweak from the Cydia. This Cydia tweak is suited with all IOS versions.
  2. Open Cydia on your phone
  3. Tap on the search button in Cydia
  4. Look for the tweak “Cercube”
  5. You can purchase this tweak from Cydia by logging in on your Facebook or Twitter account or free version can also be available.
  6. Download and install the tweak
  7. Once you installed this tweak on your iPhone, then whenever you will play the video on the YouTube you will see a download icon under the videos, tap on that button, the video will starts to download.

Additional Benefits of “Cercube”

The main feature of this tweak is to download videos from YouTube and watch them later. Moreover this helps you in multitasking and you can play songs of your choice in the background while playing YouTube on your phone. This tweak also acts as “Adblocker” and blocks the advertisements which play before the videos get started. It allows you to shift to HD or to different resolution while using your phone’s data connection. Over and all, this tweak is considered to be the best tweak on the Cydia to download YouTube videos of your own choice.


The second tweak through which we can download YouTube videos is ProTube developed by “Jonas Gessnar” under the section of Bigboss repo. This Tweak is specifically designed for the purpose of downloading YouTube videos on the iPhone. This is totally paid tweak available on the Cydia store. The features which this tweak provides are YouTube videos download, HD streaming, Audio downloads, unblock the blocked videos and much more, so this is also one of the best tweaks available on the Cydia.

  1. Launch Cydia on your phone
  2. Search for the “ProTube”
  3. Select “ProTube” and purchase it
  4. Install it, Done

So by having these two Cydia tweaks on your iPhone you can easily download the videos from the YouTube and can watch them later.