WhatsApp’s is now Officially available and Download for Mac are Windows Clients


WhatsApp is now becomes the most popular messaging app and now finally brought the platform for the desktop with its release of the Windows clients and official Mac. The service already has the browser based web client which allows the users to download the apps on their desktop computer and easily communicate with their friends. The desktop users also had got the extension for the phone app just like the web version of the WhatsApp which means that you must have the WhatsApp account which you are uses from your mobile device in order to get access it from your computer.

From the user point of view there are some numerous benefits of having such an amazing desktop application which enables you to enjoy the benefits of the native desktop notifications from the keyboard shortcuts along with many other things. This app offers you to get the scan QR code on your iPhone device instead of offering the typical login display screen in order to activate your WhatsApp account on the desktop version of the application. Just the once you have completed the action as the desktop user you can start to talk with your friends and share images and videos and  immediately starts the conversations form where you left.

To make authorize the WhatsApp account while using your computer, first launch the app on your iPhone and computer. Then open the WhatsApp app from your iPhone and then go to the “Setting” option, open the “WhatsApp Web” and then tap on the “Scan QR Code”. The last step is to scan the QR code with the device camera from the desktop.

Before using the WhatsApp form your desktop makes it sure that you have the Mac OS X 10.9 plus in order to use and download the WhatsApp for Mac and whereas for the Windows version there is at least the Window 8 to run the WhatsApp properly.

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3 WhatsApp’s is now Officially available and Download for Mac are Windows Clients