What you should do when you lost your Apple Watch?


Your Apple Watch doesn’t cost the same in terms of its price but they both have almost the same value. Three is a chance that you might have lost your Apple watch when you reading this article, it very unfortunate. But luckily there are some ways you can make sure that your data is secured and as the original owner you are not losing the most valuable piece of technology. There are some steps to secure your data; you just need to follow them.

Turn on the Activation Lock


This good idea is stars form the watch OS 2 which enables you the activate the lock feature to protect your Apple watch. The activation lock also enables you to prevent anyone to use your watch. You can turn on the activation lock by using the existing iCloud credentials.

Mark as Missing


The one of the most useful feature is now available on the iPhone Apple watch app is the Mark as Missing status.  When you lost your watch or somebody steals your Apple watch, immediately go the iPhone apps and then go on the My Watch tab and turn on the Mark as Missing status. The important thing to note that once you found back your Apple watch you are not able to mark it as found. The one and only solution is to remove this feature is to un-pair your Apple Watch from iPhone and then connect it again.

Remove Apple Pay

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If you enable the Apple Pay from your watch because of the reason that you want to shop more opportunely, but now your watch is stolen it’s time to get it “off” from the watch. You can do the action by sign-in the iCloud page online and then click on the Setting option and then choose your watch and selects the remove cards from the Apple Pay sections.

How do you prevent this from Happening?

The most recent application of the Apple watches called the “Loockout” which is now free available from the App Store. The unique function of this app is that it allows you the set an alarm when you activate it and track your watch which is based on its location and many more. It is the same concept like how you can find the my iPhone to another iPhone or the iPad and truly recommend this app to prevent your device from thieves.