What is AppSync And Why Do you Need AppSync

What is AppSync

When we Jailbreak your phone you get Cydia installed on your phone from where you can get number of third party applications and tweaks. To download number of cracked applications you have to install cracked third party app store like AppCake, vShare, zeusmos app and can download number of paid applications for free which are not available on the official app store. But sometimes it happens that most of the cracked applications which we download from this 3Rd party store don’t run. After installation the app and black icon Available on the Home screen and we are unable to run the app .So here comes the AppSync .In this article we will explain that What Appsync is and why you need it.

What is AppSync??

AppSync helps IOS users to download number of paid applications for free; it is type of software or root to IOS device which gives access to IOS users to download application without singing into the Apple account. Apple restricts IOS users to download number of third party applications or unofficial applications but with the help of AppSync you can easily download those apps. You must be heard about the rooting of Android which means you have given android permission to install certain applications. Similarly with the AppSync you are able to download the apps which we are unable to download through official store by giving root permission to iPhone.

Why do you need Appsync

I think you have gained sufficient knowledge about AppSync. But knowing Appync is not enough you must know why you need it. Once after ‘Jailbreaking’ you even can’t think about running you phone without installing AppSync. Many users say that they can easily download Applications and tweaks from the Cydia store without having AppSync, but you can’t run cracked applications downloaded from third party cracked store. This is not the case sometimes it happens that some IPA’s which you download from the Cydia or third party cracked store like iFunBox,vShare and Installous. After installation black icon appears on the Home now you need to install these IPA’s. To fix the issue you have must AppSync installed on your iPhone.

How to get AppSync

The process of installing Appsync is quite easy and simple just go to the Cydia and search Appsync in the search bar. Download the most suited version of AppSync to your IOS device. This app is totally free and don’t cost you even a single penny. After installing and using this app you will get clear pitcher of what is AppSync and why you need it.