Way to fix iPhone 4s jammed in recovery mode


Those users who have older versions of iPhone like iPhone 4 and 4s and desire to update their operating system from older versions to iOS 7 and iOS 8 or any additional updates possibly will situate their device in the extremely lethal mode, “recovery mode”. After that you will think that connecting cell to iTunes will reinstate its functionality, but it will be of no use and there is great probability that your phone will be in the recovery mode onwards. Now here the question arise that how to skip or get out of this situation and proceed to what you wanted. Here are the steps to help you to face the situation.

Steps of how to get out of recovery mode!

If the iPhone jammed in the recovery mode then the user will only notice the icon of iTunes and the charging wire which means that user should connect their device with iTunes to restore. But the trouble is that this process does not work at all because the iPhone has jumped in the recovery mode. The first way out in this scenario would be to exit from recovery mode. To achieve this, software like Recboot should be used that works extremely well. It has two icons, one is enter and other is exit recovery mode. Steps to use it are as follows.

  1. First connect your iPhone with the computer through your wire.
  2. Then install the Recboot software and run it.
  3. Choose the “exit recovery mode” option from the two options.
  4. By following these phone will be switched off automatically and when powered on, the device will boot up as usual.
  5. In the last step connect phone with iTunes and completely back up your phone and then restore the device entirely.

How to get into Recovery Mode:


Reason to why iTunes declined to restore the iPhone properly is if phone performs a tricky recovery. One of the most excellent ways to resolve this hitch is to take your phone to recovery mode yourself. To achieve this follow the following steps.

  1. Detach your iPhone from the computer.
  2. Press and hold both home screen and power buttons at the same time until the screen became blank.
  3. Continue on holding the home button at the same time when connecting the phone and computer.
  4. Now the phone will show the boot logo of Apple.
  5. After that the phone will enter in recovery mode.
  6. Then in the end connect your device with iTunes and restore it.

How to restore through DFU mode:

If your phone has landed in recovery mode when updating to an advanced operating system, DFU method can help to overcome it. This technique is intended particularly for iTunes to upgrade without showing errors.

  1. First power off your phone.
  2. Then hold power button for two seconds.
  3. At the same time holding the power button, push home button for ten seconds.
  4. Now let go the power button, but keep home button pressed for 15 more seconds.
  5. This will take the phone in DFU mode.

Users can now carry on upgrading the firmware with no difficulty. These are several methods to fix iphone 4s jammed in recovery mode.