Warning; 3K Jailbreak tools for iOS 9. 3. 1 is Fake


The jailbreak lovers are went into the dry spell as when they haven’t found the jailbreak for the most recent version of the iOS for several months. This will give an opportunity to the scammers to take the advantage of the user’s painful situation and trick the iOS users to downloading the fake tool which appears like the Jailbreak tool. The scammers set up the new website and a tool which is been rounds here on the internet for several day with the name of 3K Jailbreak. The scammers smartly use the similar name to the Chinese 3K Assistant tool. The fake 3K Jailbreak claims that our tool is capable of untethered the jailbreak for the iOS 9. 3. 2 and also for the iOS 9.3.2 beta.

Right now there is no any tool is available on the 3K Jailbreak website to download. If you ever visit the website 3KJailbreak.com and try to download the tool which in only available tool for the Windows and you will receive the popup which is saying that your downloading is temporarily stopped because to fix the 60 percent issues. The available tool is capable of jail-breaking the all of the iPhone models such as iPad, iPod touch and the iPhone according to the 3K jailbreak website. Thanks to the developers Dulib and Saurik for their assistance and support for the Jailbreak communities.

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If you are an iPhone users and waiting for the jailbreak or having the older version of the iOS please ignore the fake 3K Jailbreak tool which is not only fake but also squander your time and damaging your device too. Although there is not any single tool available on the website to download it and whenever you try to download the available tool it can not only harm you device but also steel your personal documents and information by installing the virus instead of the required tool. So please avoid any direct or indirect link which open the similar page and make you in trouble.