Useful Information about the iOS devices: System and Security Info Apps helps to Detects the Malware

Useful Information about the iOS device

If you want to know that if there is any malware is spot out in your device and you are very much worried about the security of your device then a new app which is called the System and Security Info secure your device from any king of Malware.  The new app is introduced by the SektionEins GmbH with the iOS well known developer i0n1c involvement and also offers the extensive range of features. You can also see the useful information after installing it from the App Store about your device such as the CPU Usage, Disk Usage, Memory Usage, Process list and much more.

The new app System and Security Info also inspects the entire running apps for the Hash, SH1, Signature and the Entitlements. The new app is even competent for detecting the jailbreak and the any other security irregularity which might have an effect on your device. The new app also tell you after analyzing the device if there is any type of malware hang about your device. The people who mostly liked to download and installed the third-party certificates, they like this app very much and the enjoy the beneficial feature of this app. This app is also good for those who installed the apps and tweaks from the Cydia and specially form the unauthorized sources.

If you want to secure your mobile and want to avoid any kind of malware which damage your device then you should try out this useful iOS security app. The System and Security Info app if just cost for US $ 0.99 and you can easily download and installed it form the App Store. This app is currently available for discount price from the App Store according the App Store description. So if you are interested and want to install it then this is the best time to do so.