Use These Android Shortcuts to Do Things Faster

You can use your android experience by using a lot of tricks just adopting some innovative sequence of shortcuts. There are some customary shortcuts available like pressing and holding home button allows you to view you recent activity of used applications and you can swipe them to close. Besides such traditional shortcuts, some innovative shortcuts have been offered by the recent android upgrade Marshmallow, which make your android experience much faster.

 “OK Google”


Now you can simply make some settings and operate your device with your commands by assisting it anytime without even touching your screen, even when you device is locked.

To do the right settings you need to Open the Google app, tap the 3-line menu button displayed in the top left corner, and tap Settings, tap the Voice button and select OK Google detection.

Launch camera by double-clicking Power button (Marshmallow only)


If you are fortunate enough to have Marshmallow update on your android phone, you can instantly open your camera application by tapping the power button twice.

Moreover, if you want to capture a quick snapshot, all you need is to tap, hold and then swipe the small camera shortcut displayed in the right bottom corner of your cell’s screen.

Tap & slide for settings and app information


Normally, like every else android user, you access the app info through settings but here we are disclosing a shortcut for you. Access the app icon displayed on your home screen or application tray; tap and hold the icon. At the top of your screen, you will see “App info” or/and “Delete” options. Simply slide the icon to “App info” option and release.

“Do Not Disturb” (Marshmallow only)

“Do Not Disturb” (Marshmallow only)

Your android device now offers a new feature of “Do Not Disturb” mode. This option is available for android devices running the Marshmallow version only. The mode can be activated by simply pressing and holding the button of down-volume.

Refresh a webpage in Chrome by Pulling Down

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Refresh a webpage in Chrome by Pulling Down

If you wish to refresh a web page in chrome, you have different options. You can directly tap the refresh button at the left side of address bar, or you can access settings from 3-dot menu button and tap the refresh button displayed in the top of the drop down menu.

Here is a 3rd and most simple option. All you need is to pull down the page which will display a spinning icon and the page will be reloaded in just a couple of seconds.

Take a screenshot (Marshmallow only)

Take a screenshot (Marshmallow only)

The marshmallow version now provides a simpler way of taking a screenshot. When you press and hold home key, it will show a “Now on Tap” option. The next step is to tap the Share button and it will take a snapshot in a flash.