Use 3D Touch features for the better Instagram Experience


When the 3D Touch was launched during the exclusive keynote introduction of the iPhone 6s and the users instantly realized that these features are going to be changes as the users are become interact with the Smartphones. The 3D touch features are warmly welcomed by both the developers and user communities and many of the major apps taking the advantage of the apps. There are mainstream applications which now support the icon menus but the use of the 3D Touch support within the application still remains limited. In this post you will learn about the 3D Touch support features of Instagram where you can enjoy the advantages of using the Instagram app for the iOS devices.

1. Home/Timeline

When you are scrolling up and down your Instagram home or timeline for a while you abruptly come across the user whose posts which you usually like and you can decide to pen his or her profile to look at the recent photos or posts. With the help of 3D Touch you don’t need to open the profile and leave the home page, simply tap on their username to scroll their recent posts. You can simply pop of what you like to see and want to see by further pressing on the screen.

2. Profile Page

When you are at your own profile or watching someone else profile and the thumbnail mode is on your account, you can simply peek at the image by forcing on their thumbnail. This will allows you to view the images even without open them from the separate page. This is the best way to quickly view the images or post which you like or leave the comment and can pop on it by increasing the tap pressure. This feature of the Instagram 3D Touch also saves a time for you.

3. Activity Page

The iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s is also integrated with the Instagram 3D Touch feature on the Activity page. You can strongly tap on the small thumbnail when you are browsing on the Activity page, on any image which is appearing simply under the “You” tab to view the image preview. As the user you can also tap on the people’s username who you are following to quickly view their profile and the most recent posts. You can also peek at the images which other also liked when you are on the “Following” tab by simply tap on them.

4. On the Icon

From the homescreen icon you can get access to the 3D touch shortcut menu by simply taping on it which will let you the new activity page, post page or the search page and also able the user to switch between the accounts.
So here, you know completely about the Instagram 3D Touch gesture and shortcuts.

Use 3D Touch features for the better Instagram Experience