Upcoming 5 technology in the future which you will Love

Regardless of how rapid technology progresses, you might not be aware of a few of the more incomprehensible but mesmerizing despite everything, innovations and products that are expected to turn up sometime in the upcoming future. Following are technology in the future you will see.

1. Wound-Sealing Laser Pens.

If you like outdoors, you have most likely gone for hiking in the previous years. You possibly will have even experienced a severe injury on expeditions. Preferably on the happening of the injury, you would be capable to go to hospital, but trips of hospital are not always convenient or essential.
Suppose you are able to seal your cut or wound with a laser pen! Lasers are not exclusively for surgery any longer. Scientists predict that by 2017 these portable lasers are going to be accessible to fix your wounds right away.

2. Sunscreen Pills.


Fed up with heading for beach and waste time in sunbathing or playing in the sea with SPF-15 lotion of sunscreen? Don’t worry by as soon as upcoming summer; there may perhaps be a tablet as an alternative of that goopy cream.

3. Carl Zeiss Smart Glasses.

You probably have known Google Glass, the eye-catching OHMD (optical head-mounted display) that allows you utilize all the characteristics of your Smartphone in an ultra-modern, hands-free devise.
Carl Zeiss smart glasses will be here as a technology in the future. Scheduled to turn into publicly accessible 2017 end, these glasses contain every Google Glass features, other than with an extra fine and stylish look. A rounded-lens OHMD that appears almost alike to a normal pair of eyeglasses.

4. Segway Robots.


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Most recently, the previously highly-expected Segway is previous news. You can see these in urban localities, but they are exceptional, that is a shame as Segway travel can be faster as compared to is seated in car in bad traffic. Even police rides on Segway for their city rounds as it assists to amplify security visibility and existence.

5. Hovercrafts.

It sounds similar to somewhat directly out of Sci-Fi, except by upcoming 2017, researchers state you will be capable to acquire your personal hovercraft as a technology in the future.
A tech company called Aerofex of California has created a hovercraft named Aero-X, which will experience pilot experiment going year. If it goes well, it will hover at 10 feet height with a highest speed of 45 mph.