tvOS 10 Features Request which Add Support for Wired Headphones


The WWDC is coming up after the few weeks and probably we are going to see the announcement of the macOS 10.12 and iOS 10 along with the tvOS 10 and the WatchOS 3. Meanwhile we also heard the rumors about the features of the all other operation systems and at the same time we not heard even a single rumor about the tvOS. We think that we little bit helps the Apple by requesting a feature which are both easy to add and very practical. The feature is fully supported for the wired headphones.

There are 3 types of earphones/headphones which you can buy from the Apple Store. The first type is the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the second type is the Lighting and third type of headphone is the Bluetooth.

3.5 mm Headphone

First talk about the 3.5 mm headphone which seems like the best design feature of the iPhone 7 with the removal of the headphone jack. This feature makes you able to make the device thinner and pushing you towards the more wireless and lightning headphones cable. There is also a whispered that Apple has decided to sell the optional adapter to use the 3.5 mm old headphones with the lightning connector.


The lightning cord is the second type of headphone which produces the high quality sound for the iOS device with the universal support.


The 3rd and the last type is the Bluetooth option which enables the users to listen the music wirelessly. This type of headphone is best supported by the Apple TV.

Now comeback to the feature request; you want to play the games and watch TV without disturbing others. Some of the TVs has provide support to the headphones but the problem is you probably need to stuck very close to the TV unless you have the long cord and some of the TVs even offers support for the headphones.

The fourth generation of the Apple TV remote offers the lightning port for charging at the bottom as well as the support for the wrist strap. The one request is that to use the Bluetooth which enables the headphone support via the remote. The user are able to use the 3.5 mm headphones with the adaptor and use the Lightning cord headphones at the out of the box. One of the great thing is that Apple TV has equipped with all the necessary equipments and can work better whenever Apple has made update for their software’s near in future.

tvOS 10 Features Request which Add Support for Wired Headphones