Turn Off WiFi Assist in iOS 9 to Save Mobile Data

Turn Off WiFi Assist in iOS 9 to Save Mobile Data

Besides 3d Touch display, Live photos improved Siri, and many new interesting features, IOS 9 has also come up with the new feature which is Wi-Fi assist. This feature helps the device to connect to internet by switching between Wi-Fi and data connection. Let for example that if you are in the place where the Wi-Fi signals are weak or limited then this feature automatically switch your device from Wi-Fi to data connection and keep your device connected to internet every time so that you never miss a single update. Wi-Fi Assist is by default enable on your IOS 9 device, this is a good feature but sometimes it happens that your network data connection is limited and you rarely use the connection, then you not find this feature handy in this situation and want to disable it, but the good thing is this  you can completely disable this feature whenever you want. Here are guidelines if you want to disable this feature.

How to turn off Wi-Fi Assist

You need to just follow stop steps mentioned below if you want to disable the Wi-Fi assist completely

Step 1

Go the Settings app on your phone

Step 2

Here you will see an option Mobile data or cellular data

Turn O WiFi Assist

Step 3

Scroll down until you find the option Wife Assist then, hit it to disable this Wi-Fi assist feature

Step 4

You can also disable it by asking Siri if you use Siri so much, just ask Siri to open Cellular preferences and then disable Wi-Fi assist by scrolling down.

That’s it you have successfully disable the Wi-Fi Assist feature  on your IOS 9 device and if you want to re activate it in the future you can go for the same steps to enable it.