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Volume Mixer 2


The new tweak Volume Mixer 2 allows you to control the sound volume for the output devices and the media channels individually. This new tweak enables you to set the different volume range for you mobile ringtone, the playback music, the video sound, the Bluetooth headphones and also for your phone call. It can be accessed and possible through the Activator gesture which allows the users to add or remove the media according to your choice. You can customize for different look and select the different themes. The volume mixer works well with the all iOS 9 running devices or above. It is free for the users of the older version and for others it just cost for US $ 0.99.

Airplane Enhancer


As it name suggest the airplane enhancer improve the airplane mode of you mobile device. The hack installed enables you to keep the airplane mode turned on for long as you want to mode is on after every hour. It also enables you the de-activate the airplane mode just after five minutes. It also offers the user to keep their WiFi activated as the Airplane mode on. You can free download the airplane enhancer tweak.

Pause After Call


The new tweak changes the mood which causes the music to start again as you just end the call. If you are listening the music and you receives a call the pause after call installed tweak stop the music after you end the call and not play again until you push the play button again. The hack supported with the third party app and not compatible according to its developer with its music stock app. But it is compatible for the iOS 7 to iOS 9 running devices and can be downloaded free.

Spring Fade

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Obviously the name of the app spring Fade as it effects the fade to the iOS Spring Board. The effects of the fade can be experience with the opening and the closing of the app and also when unlocking the device when it is interactive with the folders. The tweak can also be downloaded free.

FT Adjust


The new FTAdjust helps you to change the font size of the label folder. Form the tweaks setting you are able to add the font size and can note the immediate change of the folder label. This tweak if free for the iOS 9 version users.

 Try some New Tweaks