iTransmission – Best iPhone torrent download app for iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 (latest version)

If you have been a torrent user who frequently downloads torrents on your desktops and laptops, chances are that you’re thinking about how you will be able to download the same torrents via your idevice such as iPhone or iPad too. If you are looking out for such ways that will enable you to download the torrents to your iPhones or iPads running on the latest iOS 8, then you are definitely on the right place.

While you have been using jailbreak for a long period of time, you must have come across a huge number of applications and tweaks that will help you in downloading the torrents very conveniently. But it must be remembered that Cydia tweaks will not be of a lot of help while downloading torrents on your devices. This is because the cydia tweaks are not updated to work with the present iOS firmware.

Check out the best app for iPhone,iPad torrent download with latest iOS 8 devices

Download iTransmission torrents app for ios 8

In the present world of applications, iTransmission 4.6 is the absolute best app that can help you with your torrent downloading desires in your iPhones. The current up-gradation that has been made to the software in the version 4.6 is to make it compatible with the latest version of Apple iOS 8. This version not only downloads torrents, but also provides a lot more advantages in comparison to the other similar apps or its previous version.

One of the best features of the iTransmission app is “insomnia”. The specialty of this feature is it continues to download the torrent file even if one has exited the application. The iTransmission app version 4.6 has been developed with huge bug fixes and a lot more improvements than the previous versions, has better user interface and sharp graphics making it very user friendly for anyone.

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iTransmission – The best free app for iPhone torrent download with latest iOS 8

Previously, iTransmission was offered as a tweak of jailbreak that is available on Cydia, but then it has been made to be available on the non jailbroken iOS devices too, which is really great. You will be able to use the app like any other normal torrent download, which means that you are able to set the maximum connections per torrent and you will also be able to change the port too.

The upload and download limit can be set up on the iTransmission client and it is recommended that you seed the torrent for a certain period of time. If you are in a limited data plan, you can set up your download speeds; by default, the download speed has been disabled and you can set it up accordingly. Another beauty of this app is- you will be able to switch between mobile data networks and Wi-Fi networks. If you are staying at home, you can use Wi-Fi and while you are on the go, make use of the mobile data.

How to Download and Install iTransmission 4.6 on iPhone, iPad for iOS 8 devices

1. Go to “Safari browser“.

2. Go to ““.

3. Tap on”apps” tab and scroll down untill you got iTransmission app.

4. Tap on iTransmission and then “install“. wait few minites and tap install again.

5. You can see iTransmission will not install right way. For that you Go to -> settings app and change current time and date.

6. Go to -> Date and Time in Settings App and Turn OFFSet Automatically” Then set date atleast 3 months back.

7. Come back from Settings app and iTransmission 4.6 is installing now.

8. Go to any torrents site like for download a file.

9. You will get a pop-up window and show an option “Open in iTransmission” on your screen. click on that option.

10. iTransmission 4.6 should open and torrents file would be download in iTransmission App.

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