Top Three Amazing Themes that Changes iOS Icon Shapes

For all their apps Apple has designed the grid system to follow the app icons. Although all their app icons are unified and looks good and the fact that all app icons has to be in rounded square and can take away from the individuality of the app. If you are looking for such a theme where each app icon has its own shape then there is no need to look further. We just picked top 3 quality themes which are best for your iOS devices and can match your description.

Top Three Amazing Themes that Changes iOS Icon Shapes

1. Darkmatter iOS 9

Regardless of the deceiving title the Darkmatter iOS 9 themes works better on the iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. The theme is fairly colorful but each icon has a black color sketch around it. It is pack of more than 900 icons; actually it looks like a cartoon and it include the UI, dock and the custom status bar. it works on all iOS devices such as the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone which are set with the nice looking boot logo which is an outline to an Apple logo. The Darkmatter iOS 9 is designed by the mowmo and available for US $ 3.49.

2. Marshmallow iOS 9 Anemone

There are 3 unusual versions of the Marshmallow theme which are available on the Cydia; included the Marshmallow iOS 8, Marshmallow iOS 9 Anemone and Marshmallow iOS 9. The Marshmallow iOS 9 only works for the iOS 8 and we recommend you the Marshmallow iOS 9 which gives more hits to you buck. The title probably tells you that the Marshmallow is inspired by the Android Marshmallow OS which is pretty good, despite its been inspired by the Apple. The each icons of the theme is bubbly and colorful and can’t tie of any specific shape. The theme holds the 300 icons which included the dock, custom UI, badges and isn’t themed in the square shape and even reveals the more icons. The Marshmallow iOS 9 theme is available for US $ 3.49.

3. Cast iOS

Cast iOS theme is recently released but it certainly doesn’t fall short in the number of icons this theme holds. The Cast iOS theme is featured with the 300 icons and more are available with the free updates. The icons colors are used in the theme are best and more suitable in comparison of the two other themes but not too much. The best feature of the theme which you haven’t seen in any theme before that, if the icon is not themed but it is still in rounded corners in spite of the sharp one which makes it prettier. This theme works well on the iPhone but unfortunately it’s not work on the iPad. You can get it for US $ 1.39 on the MacCiti repo.