Top iOS 9 Features You Should Know

Top iOS 9 Features

Apple has rolled out its new version IOS 9 for iPhone and iPad in June 2015 with number of new and interesting features those are only exclusive to IOS 9. Number of Apple users is upgrading their devices to IOS 9 due to its new and unique features. So if you are iPhone user and wants to upgrade you device to IOS 9 or planning to buy new iPhone you must know the features of IOS 9 which are exclusively designed for IOS 9 and are not present in older version. Here is the list of some top features in IOS 9

1)    Improved Battery performance


One of the top features in the IOS 9 is that it has “Low power mode” in it. This feature was not present in the older IOS versions. You yourself had to turn off the data connection, Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth to save the battery life of your phone, but in the IOS 9 you have “Low power mode” which resolves this problem. This mode can enhanced the battery life and give users 3 more additional hours and also improved general performance of the device. You can enable this mode by going into the settings.

2)    New News app

Apple has introduced new news app in IOS 9. News app is very essential app like email, messaging, web browsing and Maps etc which keep you update about every aspect of life. So Apple launched new news app with additional features, now you don’t need to browse different websites to get the news updates. This news app gathers the news from all around the world which relates to the topics of your interest. All you need to do is to select the sources and the news app will gather all the news from these sources.

3)    Changes in Maps app

In IOS 8, there was just minor change in the Maps app rather then adding up of few tweaks, but in the IOS 9 there is major change in the Maps app. The app provides public transport maps and direction for the major cities of the world. These upgrades in Maps app can show you the train subway and walking information which is alike to the Google apps.

4)    Support almost all devices

When apple launched IOS 8, some users face issues as they were unable to upgrade their devices to IOS 8 because they didn’t get the update but this is not in the case IOS 9. IOS 9 is compatible with almost iDevices and users can easily upgrade to IOS 9.

5)    Wi-Fi assist

This is the new feature introduced by Apple in IOS 9. This feature cancels out the WI-FI connection with low or weak signals and switch user to cellular connection automatically while using internet. This feature is turned off by default on your phone and you can also disable this feature by going into the settings.

6)    Search tab in settings


In older versions of IOS there was no search bar in the settings app so you used manual method to search any option in the settings. But in IOS 9, Apple has introduced a search bar on the top of the screen in the settings app, if you are looking for anything in settings just type in search bar and you willet  that option in front of you.

7)    Improvement in Security

Security is the most important part of the device. In iOS 9 Apple has increase the security of device which keeps your device safe from intruders. Apple keeps your device and your Apple id more secure and also keeps your data on device like photos, videos, mails, messages and documents more secure IOS 9.

8)    Enhancement Siri features

Apple has also made new changes in Siri. New Siri is more intelligent than the Siri in the previous versions. It has new look and new interface and it has become easier to use Siri. For example if you ask Siri to open photos while doing some other task on the phone it will open the photos in the photo app. The most important feature of Siri it is proactive it means when you ask Siri to perform a certain task it completes the task before any action taken by User.
So there are number of interesting and unique features in IOS 9 that can force users to upgrade their iDevices to IOS 9.