You always listens a term “widget” in your daily life but you know what is meaning of that term .Widget is basically a component of a program, a short cut to a larger application .we see them on our Smartphones , on our computers and on different websites during surfing. But we never thought that how much they are significant for us. First of all this concept was introduced in cell phones by Android. Apple is also introducing this feature in IOS 88 and above, this is one of the most of the contemporary technology introduced by Apple during recent years. Widgets normally consume less space than an app and can be adjusted to the home screen in different sizes and displays information regarding to the default app. It makes widgets more easily to use. The iPhone was presumed to contain a version of OS X- style dashboard widgets, but these widgets looked like original applications. Since there was no difference in the presentation of the widgets and an application and also performance was also not good as compare to original app, it doesn’t attract the users. Competitors like NOKIA and ANDROID went one step ahead in the widgets. iPhone and iPad users can now utilize the benefits of the widgets, thanks to IOS 8.

Get a widget on your Iphone

Widgets on IOS are incorporate with their connecting app, for example if an app is already installed in the system its widget will b also installed you don’t need to search out for its widget separately. If app is not in the system by default just gets it from the store its widgets will b install automatically for example you are downloading an ACCU Weather app from the store, its offer a widget with the photos. Similarly different apps have different widgets which show the basic information about the app and consume less space

How to enable widgets on your Iphone/itab

As we discussed earlier that some apps and their widgets are built-in the system but they are disabled, you have to make them enable them before using. The process of enabling is quite simple, open the notification centre here you will observe the edit button at the bottom of today view, you will notice two tabs here one is today view and other is notification view that show all the recent notifications, here you have the list of your install widgets, below them you will see the widgets from the applications that you have installed later.

Top Seven widgets for IOS

1. DATAMAN Widget

One of the main issues that APPLE users face is the maintenance of data usage, you are unable set the data limit for your internet connection. In android you can easily set the data connection, but now this problem is solved by Dataman Widget by which you can limit your usage of internet connection.

Data Man

Price: 1,99 €*


2. Yahoo weather Widget

This weather widget keeps you updated about the weather condition with the beautiful photos. Recently it has been updated to run on all iDevices. In IOS 8 extension you can also get the app in the notification centre as weather widget. To enable the widget you have to download app from the app store you cannot get the installed widget separately.

yahoo weather

Price: Free


3. Minesweeper Widget Edition

Now you can also play the Minesweeper game from the Windows 98 on your iPhone and iPad. But the unique thing about it that you can play it on your lock screen, Home screen and even during using an app. Even if you are busy the game automatically saves and connects to game centre to save scores.

Minesweeper Widget Edition                                                                                     Price: 0,99 €


4. Ever note Widget

This is one of the best widgets in the IOS in which you can take note and ideas quickly. You can write your ideas in the written form and can use it without unlocking the phone within few seconds. Swipe down and open the notification center select new and create a note.


Price: Free


5. Buzz Feed widget

This widget keeps you update about all trending post and stories. All you just need to swipe down the notification centre and stars seeing famous feeds and stories of your interest.

buzz feed

Price: Free


6. Over glide game widget

It is one of the game widgets available for iPad and Iphone. This is the widget which refreshes you after a hectic routine and gives you entertainment. You can also say that this game is the replication of the popular flappy bird game. You can get number of challenges and fun by playing the game.


Price: 0,99 €



NYT is the most popular app which keeps you update about current affairs and many other trending news in the world. Now you don’t need to open the application to quickly access to news just tap down the notification centre where you can put the news of your own interest.


Price: Free