Top 6 best games of iPhone/iPAD


Well, if you have a gaming craze then buying an iPHONE is the best choice to make. Because iPHONE has given its users best processor chip that makes gaming world easier to access and more enjoyable. Apple’s Iphone has been tremendous devices for years. iPHONE are the machines that brings the gaming world back into the scene and creates competition in the market and gain competitive advantage over the companies like SONY and NINTENDO which has been pioneer in the gaming world and have most of the market share. But the fact is iPAD mini has more suitable device for gaming than iPHONE because of its screen size and special games are made for this screen layout which cannot be played on the screen on the phone. The new iPhones are gaining improvement like iPHONE 6 and iPHONE 6 plus having big screen size and having better A8 processor and having more battery life than the previous ones. Moreover by increasing the screen size, iPHONE are also increasing the number of pixels per screen which give more live and immersive look. Competitors like SONY and NINTENDO has more screen size but with the less number of pixels as compare to iPHONE, so iPHONE is the best replacements for old gaming handheld. IOS graphics are also much better than Android because of the new “Metal” tech which enhance the graphic capability of iPhones. So if you are looking for the best games of 2015 here are some suggestions.

Top Games for iPHONE  


At the top of the list we have the game Looney Tunes Dash which is specifically designed for the iPHONE gaming lovers certainly the most loveable game of 2015 by competing the games like SONIC DASH and TEMPLE RUN in which you can jump, slide, and run easily by simply tapping on the screen. Difficulty level increases as the games proceed. The developer of this gaming app is Zynga and you can easily download it from the app store.

  • Fling

It is one of the best addictive games for IOS and one of the top rated gamin apps in United States, Australia and Canada. It is sort of a puzzle game which you also get some hints. Fling is the paid app available on the app store you can purchase it and download it from here.

  • Stupid Zombies 2

Third on our list is Stupid Zombies 2.It is also one of the addictive and top rated games available on the app store. The game has different levels and each level has different sub levels when you complete one level the difficulty also increases and you can unlock other levels. When you complete the level you get rating out of 5 stars

  • Fly bird Space

I hope you remember the game “FLAPPY BIRD” One of the most addictive games available on IOS. Fly bird space is the alternative to the flappy birds but have better graphics and have more exciting levels. App can be easily download from the app APPLE’s app store.

  • Pac-Man friends

This gaming app required a “jailbreakin” to download it. It is the modern extension of the PAC-MAN but series, but similar to the classical PAC-MAN game. You have to pass through different mazes and must not be eaten by monsters and have to collect all the dots to complete the level. This game is available for iPhone and iPAD users and can be purchased from the app store easily.

  • 8 ball pool

Last but not the least in our list is 8 ball pool. It is specifically designed for the snooker lovers. Developers of the game are MiniClip. It is online game where you can play with your friends all over the world and compete them or you can enter and play different tournaments .Internet connection is required to run the game. You can also download it from the app store for free.