Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 2015

The last time we wrote about some useful Cydia Tweaks for your iPhone. We now continue on that list; so go ahead and read about more of these useful  cydia tweaks which will simply go on to make your life with your iphone a bit easier than you know. So check out these tweaks and customize your iphone in some really cool ways possible.

Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 2015

Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1.2 for iPhone

1. Zeppelin
Zeppelin is another one from the cool box of tweaks. Zeppelin allows you to add a custom logo instead of the mobile network carrier logo. You can choose from a variety of brand logos from the settings tweak and just apply your settings. You will see the chosen logo next to your network bars, instead of your carrier logo. As for the logos, there are some cool brand logos like Apple, Batman, Autobots, and Nike etc. You can also use the tweak to have no logo at all on top.

2. CCToggles
This Cydia tweak will let you customize your Control Centre (CC) panel. By default the control centre holds a few options to enable quick switching. Like for instance you can switch on/off your torch, data or put your iPhone on Airplane mode or toggle with the brightness or sound of your phone. CCToggles allows you to customize that and lets you add apps of your choice to the control centre.

3. LockScreenTool
This is quite a simple tweak. The Lock Screen Tool allows you to add any custom text to your lock screen, and once you enable it, the custom text would appear whenever you open your iPhone.

4. Re-Power
Re-Power Cydia tweak will give you more options whenever you try to power off your iPhone. For instance, whenever you long press the power button, there’s only one option which will ask to power off the iPhone; but with Re-Power you will find more option like reboot or respring your device when you long press your power button.

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5. Swipe Selection Pro
Swipe selection is a very convenient tweak for typing on the iPhone. The only feature of this tweak enables you to move between letters using your keyboard and not having to touch in between the words on the screen. For example you can customize in the settings to only move your finger on the space bar and move between letters of a word.

These were some more best Cydia Tweaks for your iPhone, so do get them downloaded on to your iPhone and let us know if they worked or if you have come across any other cool tweaks which you may want to let us know.