Tips to buy a used or Refurbished Smartphone


Phones that are refurbished are also used phones. Generally given back for some specific reason or reasons, the reason can be a screen that stopped working and was changed and now it is practically new, or perhaps a terrible headset jack, which was also swapped and works absolutely okay after that or possibly it had a pretty severe problem of software and had to be “Flashed” all over again because troubleshooting of standard software was not enough.

It doesn’t matter for what reason the phone was to be returned and now it is giving its 100%. Following are some tips that can be considered before buying a used or refurbished phone.




                                              Tips for buying a used or refurbished phone

  1. Phone was sent back for a cause and you don’t even know what the basis was. And who will be the responsible if the phone was not properly tested or fixed. If a phone was sent back for the reason that for a few times it power cycled every day or two and the company might think that the issue is fixed, but are they going to pay their any employee to test that specific for a day or two just to be sure that the problem is fixed or not? Obviously no! As they have hundreds and thousands phones to repair. Keep that in mind while purchasing a refurbished smartphone.
  2. Another issue of refurbished phone is shorter warranty, while purchasing a refurbished phone you will get to know that the phone will not be available in full warranty, normally refurbished phone has a 90 days warranty. Ensure that you will bring this up to the person from whom you are going to buy that phone
  3. Refurbished phones are generally tested. So while purchasing a refurbished phone it is possible that it will work fine at that time same as a fresh phone, merely because it is one-time tested to make certain that it is fully operational.
  4. Whenever you claim a phone to the Maker Company or insurance company you will get a refurbished phone and there is normally nothing immoral with possessing a reconditioned or refurbished device.
  5. Refurbished phones are mostly in absolutely new condition, so there is nothing to worry about like scratches, dings or harm on the unit and no one will ever know that it is refurbished except you and the person you purchase it from.

So these are some useful tips that can help you making your mind to what to buy, a used phone or a refurbished one!