Tip: How to find the App which you are looking for with the Google’s iOS App Search


For most of the users the built-in App Store search set up in the iOS App Store or in the iTunes App Store, when they want to find the new app go to the place and then download it. However it has been pointed out for several times the App Store search is not effects for most of the times. There are some other alternatives to search any app from the iOS App Store. The one and only place to find any app is obvious but many of the users nothing knew about it. The “Google Search” is the largest search engine of the world which also offers features of the Apps search.

Finding iOS Apps through Google

Form the tab of Google Apps search you can easily find the iOS apps by only entering the keywords in the search bar. You just have need to open the google.com and then type the keyword in the search tap for example the world “Productivity”. On the tab bar a list of items is also appear like the images, news, videos and etc. You only need to click on the “More” button and then select the “Apps”. Some of the users the apps tab might be appear at the right on the main bar, in that case you don’t have need to go into the “More” section.

Once you selected the apps tab, immediately you will get the results of app search for query. The immediate result will represent and included the Android apps. To filter out the search results and you only want to show the iOS apps, then simply click on the “Search tools” buttons and then change the settings “Any OS to iOS”.

Now all the search result will become updated and you will only watch the apps which are compatible with the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. After that click on the link which will let you to the web version of the apps description pages then click on the View in iTunes button to get download it.

If is very unfortunate that the iOS App Search result is not available through the official Google Search app for the iOS. Though it is available to the Google’s mobile website which you can open through Safari browser or any other browser.