Tiny Player Lite Tweak added the music widget to iOS


If you are searching for the fun music and the convenient way to control the playlists on your Jailbroken iOS devices then you should need to check out the Cydia new TinyPlayer Lite tweak. The newly released tweak of Cydia enables you to add the different kind of music widget which you like the most can easily be moved on the screen. The best feature of the TinyPlayer is perhaps the as it not only give you access it from the homescreen but also give you access from the within apps. The TinyPlayer is also offers the other great features which you can expect from the newly music widget including its ability to play and pause the music, directly goes to the next song or the previous songs and much more.

The new TinyPlayer music tweak allows the users to control the music and playlist by just tapping on the widget body instead of having and using the tiny button on the device. You can tap once on the play button to listen the song and can simply pause it by just tap it once again. If you want to move on the next song tap double on the widget and want to move on the previous song tap the thrice on the widget. The TinyPlayer tweak is just not only good but it also function’s properly and offers the both light and dark modes. The users are also able to switch between the two different modes by just pressing and holding the widget for a moment.


The other best feature of the TinyPlayer is it also give the access to the visual control. The user are also able to share the favorite track on the social sites such as the Twitter and Facebook by just simply tapping and holding the play or pause button and swipe to share the track on your timeline. The users are also able to control the Activator gesture from the app setting to hide or show the player.

The new TinyPlayer tweak is available free on the Cydia BigBoss repo. The new tweak is work best with the stock Music app or the 3rd-party music app such as the Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud etc.  This tweak is best supportable for the iOS 9 devices as well as the iOS 8 power-driven devices.

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