Thingthing Keyboard helps to share documents, photos, calendar items and more right from the Keyboard


If you chatting with your friend a lot with the messaging apps and share a bundle of files such as photos, videos and documents with your friends and writing emails then there is perfect keyboard for you. The new keyboard make your life convenient and make it very easy to share picture, links, documents as well as share the calendar items with the friends even without leaving the current app which you are using. Once you have download the Thingthing keyboard and then enable it you can easily connect it with the different like Photos, Dropbox, calendar, Box, Instagram, Google Drive, Pocket, Facebook and etc.

When the keyboard is become connected with the apps from where your want to share the content, you just simply need to tap on the particular app icon and select the document or image which you want to send across. The new Thingthing keyboard shows the items which you can share on the base of selected app. When you tap on the particular item which you want to share with someone else the keyboard copy it to your clipboard which you can also paste in the typing area before hitting on the send button.

How many things which you can exactly share with the Thingthing keyboard?

You can share the extensive range of things it’s depending on how many services or app which you connected with the Thingthing keyboard. You can attach or share the folders and files from the storage apps such as the Box, Google Drive and Dropbox. With the help of the Thingthing keyboard you can also share the images from the official Facebook, Instagram along with the Photos app. As it was earlier mention that the Thingthing keyboard displays the content right in the keyboard area which allows you to choose documents or images which you want to share. It copies the content to your clipboard instead of inserting it and you can simply paste the content by using the simple iOS copy/paste method.

In addition to sharing the files, documents and images quickly the keyboard is also enables with the stock Calendar which make it possible for you to share the appointments with the friends over the email, message. The focus of the keyboard is to make you efforts less and save your time and done it quite nicely with the unique approach. You can download it free form the App Store and this app is best running for iOS 8.1 or above.

3 Thingthing Keyboard helps to share documents, photos, calendar items and more right from the Keyboard