The patched iMessage bug allowed hackers to steal the user’s Chat history


Just like the WhatsApp starts to offer the end-to-end encryption for the all media and chat transfer which is done through this app the Apple iMessage service also start to offer this facility to their users. The hackers are not able the break the Apple’s encryption but they find the different way which potentially enables them to steal the private conversational chat or history directly from the OS X client user app. This was exploit and discovered by the researcher who directly reported to the Apple instead of revealing it publically. After confirming that the Apple has patched the iMessage vulnerability and the conversational data of user is safe.

The hacking procedure involved by sending a bogus line to any user, when it was clicked by the user it will start to pull the data from the user of iMessage OS X and it start to download on the hacker’s server. But it is sure that the hacking process will only be activated after the user will click on the bogus link so make sure that any link you open it may be mask with the malicious URL with the well-known domain such as or as the  it is not sure that whether the researcher joe DeMesy, Matt Bryant and the Shubnam Shah are the first researchers to find out and discovered the vulnerability of the app or it was prior used by the hackers, it is not clear and there is no evidence to prove this. Yet it will be later available this.

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It is good for the Apple users that it will be quickly patched by the Apple and the iMessage starts to protect the user data as it exploit. It is also a report that just a few days ago the lock screen vulnerability which allows any other person to view the contacts and photos which are stored on the iPhone locked using the Siri. It was immediately noticed by the Apple the hacking involved in the Siri and Apple start to patch the exploit from their server without any further need to release the any new update for their software’s.

 The patched iMessage bug allowed hackers to steal the user’s Chat history