Tap to Translate Tweak enables you to Translate Text Anywhere on iOS


Those users who have already used the Google Translator feature on their Android devices would know how useful the feature at some certain occasions. Unfortunately the same feature is not accessible for the iPhone users unless the iPhone users have the Jailbroken device. The latest Tap to Translate twist for the Google Translate app which brings the influential translate characteristics for the iOS users and allowing them to quickly translate the text from any app of iOS.

Whenever you try to copy a text in any language the Tap to Translate tweak shows you a pop over the bubble which you can just tap to translate the copy text. You get a popup when the button is tapped and lets you to change the text in to your desired languages. The desired translated text is shown on this popup. The users are also able to copy the translated text and can paste it into any document or conversation even without leaving the app in case of your are in conversation or messaging someone.

To finish the popup over the translate bubble you just need to tap and hold over it for a while. The bubble will come into view anywhere on the iOS device which including the mail apps, messaging app and other app which you allowed to copy the text. This new tweak makes the easier to translate the text, you just only need to copy the text, open the Google Translator app and simply paste it and can get result in your desired language. With the help of this app you can do in just a few seconds and few taps.

In order to use the Tap to Translate tweak you can download it on your iOS device from the App Store where it is available free to download it and get benefit out of it.

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