Steps to Record the Screen of iPhone

Recording Screen of iPhone is very simple if you are on Mac. If you contain a Mac and an iOS device and are on the lookout for a simplest way to get a video out of the screen of your iPhone, simply follow the tutorial given below. We have organized a lesson with appropriate screenshots which will show you how to record a complete video devoid of added software or device at all. You just need to follow the given steps.

You just need to fulfill some basic necessities. The list is as follows.


  • iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone device operating on iOS 8 or greater.
  • OX X Yosemite or advanced version on Mac.
  • QuickTime Player 10.4 or greater.

After confirming the basic needs when you are ready then just follow the following steps.

Steps to record Screen of iPhone:

Step 1:

First, attach your device with a USB data cable with your Mac. You will be requested to configure the device by inquiring you to choose Trust option. This will permit you to create a appropriate connection of Mac with your device.

Step 2:

Now, commence QuickTime Player on Mac. Simply go to the menu of Applications and choose QuickTime Player from there.


Step 3:

Then seek the menu bar for “File” and select it then a drop menu will appear. Opt for New Movie Recording selection from there.


Step 4:

A new screen will turn up on the desktop with a red switch and an arrow facing down. Press that arrow and you’d observe a list by selecting that arrow. Choose iPhone from the specified list!


Step 5:

Once you pick iPhone and further options from that menu, the screen will turn into the screen of your selected device automatically.

Step 6:

At this instant, in turn to record something on your selected device, you simply require to press that Red knob specified on the screen of Mac. QuickTime Player will now record video.

Step 7:

When you have done the recording, you ought to stop it and then save it accordingly. Simply go to the Window of QuickTime Recording and stop it by taping on the specified button.

Step 8:

For saving the video just go to File menu and choose Save from that page. The recorded video will be saved through .mov extension of file.

These were the steps through which you can record your iOS screen.

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