Speed up your iPhone/iPad running IOS 9

Speed up your iPhone/iPad

Speed up your iPhone/iPad

Apple’s new operating system IOS 9 is in the market and running in many new as well as old devices. In IOS 9 many new features have been added having some new extensions and make devices able to do multitasking and makes users more productive. A number of refinements have been made in terms of security, battery, suggestions and performance. The powerful built-in apps helps to organize our daily life and designed for the dominant things that we encounter in our daily life like mails, calls, messaging, making notes and much more. Although Apple’s IOS 9 platform has been running on stunning number of devices but this operating system is also not free from flaws. Surely some bugs can also found in it especially older devices become slow when upgraded to IOS 9.So the users of iPhone may encounter with the slower IOS performance. But one can do some useful efforts to increase its efficiency and performance. Here are some guidelines.

1. Closing background apps

Close the background apps that you are not using because they directly affect the performance of the device and decrease its efficiency. You can do it by going into stetting and tapping on the option background app refresh.
How to turn off background apps

Setting > General > Turn off Background App Refresh.
How to stop apps update automatically

Setting > General > iTunes > App Store > Turn off Updates.

2. By deleting large size files

If your iPhone and iPad have less or no enough space then check your storage and see which files are consuming your most of the storage? Mostly media files like videos, song and movies take much of the memory and most of the storage occupy by caches and junk files. Categorize your data by deleting, rearranging and backing up to enhance the speed of your IOS device.

3. Turn off automatic updates

When we connect the internet, the applications automatically start updating. You can turn off the updating in settings so that the phone runs smoothly.

4. Clear Safari Caches and Website data

Remove the caches and the history of the browsing data regularly which will increase the efficiency of the phone. You can do it by going into the phone setting and scroll down and press the Safari option. Here you will find the option “Clear history and website data”. By tapping it all the caches and the history will be deleted.

5. Turn off the Siri

It is recommended to turn off the Siri if it is not in the regular use. Go to the settings, tap on the Siri option and turn it off of it it’s already.

6. Clean Install IOS 9

It is recommended that don’t update IOS 9 from IOS 8.Preferably Install IOS 9 on your iPhone, iPad and IPod.It will remove the bugs and make your device more efficient.

7. Factory reset you iPhone

This is last method APPLE provides to speed up the phone if all suggestions above mentioned make no significant difference. You just reset your phone it will delete all your data on the phone like messages, contacts, videos, and photos, so make it sure that you have backed up your important data before resetting the phone.