Space comparison of the iPhone SE with the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6s

Apple has recently launched their new iPhone SE which replaces the iPhone 5s and offers the iOS users with the feasible 4-inch option. The SE features are like the good iPhone 5s design but it is completely the new and best when it compare with its feature and specifications. Apple has improved the iPhone SE’s specs to the great extent to compete with the iPhone 6s in several areas. This article will provide a comparison between the iPhone SE, iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6s with the technical specification of similarities and differences.

Comparison between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5s


A comparison is given in the table given below that compares the technical different aspects of the iPhone SE with the iPhone 5s. The comparison include the RAM, Processor, display, features, cameras, pricing, dimension and the memory options. The iPhone SE features with the A9 Chip while the 5s is featured with the A7 Chip. This difference is massive the A9 provided the speed twice in comparison of the A7 GPU performance processor. The iPhone SE enables with the 2GB RAM which is twice of the iPhone 5s of 1 GB.

The new SE has featured with the 12 MP camera with the 4K support video recording option and the Live Photos. The iPhone 5s is only contained the 8MP camera and only able to record the video with the maximum resolution of 1080p and also lacks from the Live Photos feature. The Front Flash is only enabling in the new SE model.

Comparison between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s

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There are some features in the iPhone 6s that are missing in both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone SE like the quicker second generation Touch ID, 3D Touch, 5 MP front camera etc. When the comparison is made between the two models hardware then there is no difference to find them the only difference the iPhone SE launched in the “Rose Gold” color.  The new SE has better the battery life as compared to 5s as it give up to 14 hours user talktime on 3G.

The Apple new smartphone iPhone 6s flagship with the new design, fancy new features with the larger screen but there are several areas where the new iPhone 6s run fast for its money. The similarities between the devices included the 2GB RAM, A9 processor with 64-bit, 12 MP front camera with the 4K video recording option and Live Photos. Apple Pay, Hey Siri feature and the variety of colors. In the several other areas the iPhone 6s is outshine the iPhone SE such as the better 5 MP front camera, faster second generation Touch ID, 3D Touch, 12 GB memory option with the new design and look.