Solution to play YouTube videos in background on iOS


If you want to play YouTube videos in your iDevice background, but do not discern the procedure of how to accomplish it, subsequently this is exactly the ideal place for you to learn how to run YouTube in background of any iOS device. You need to know that playing videos of YouTube in background is simply a trick and you just have to follow few easy steps that this article is going to show you.

The procedure requires Safari browser; other than the solitary drawback of this progression is that you only can listen the audio of YouTube video in the background while doing your other work, as a result this technique is typically appropriate for music videos that you desire to listen devoid of watching the video.

Following are the steps by following which you can play YouTube videos in background of any of your iOS device.

Steps to play YouTube videos in background:

  1. The initial step is to just go to the safari browser of your iOS device and after that look for After that tap on search.
  2. When you will enter in YouTube website, you need to seek out the video which you desire to run in the background. Tap on it and then begin playing it.
  3. At the same time as the video is playing, afterward click on home button of the device you are using. Now evidently the video will be stopped.
  4. Now here is the thing, the trick is simple, just swipe from bottom of screen to open “Control Center”.
  5. On the Control Center, you will be able see the name of video and button of play embedded there. Simply tap on that play button.
  6. That is it, there you are. Now, do whatever you want to do or open any app that you want to open at the same time you are able to play YouTube videos in the background.