Smart Banners tweak enables you to Customize Banner Notifications


When we talk about the customization about the banner notifications there is nothing you can do with banner notifications of iOS. The Smart Banners new tweak is the friendlier tweak and perhaps the smartest and you can also change the behavior. You basically get the 3 options with the Smart Banners where you can enable or disable your personal preferences. Here you can learn how the Smart Banners tweak works for you and how you can easily download it for the Cydia.

To get changes in your notification bar try the Smart Banners tweak as this hack changes their behavior and make them very easy to use. First download the Smart Banners tweak and then install it on your device. When the installation process complete and the Smart Banners tweak is ready for use you should need to disable the icons which appears on the notification banners. After disabling the icons from the notifications banner it gives them a cleaner look and those who love the minimalism will become happy.

The new tweak also enables the users to simply disable the feature of “Tap to Dismiss” for the quick reply on the screen. If you unintentionally dismiss the quick reply screen while at the same time you are typing you can turn on this setting and there is no need to worrying about it. If you just want to quit the Quick Reply feature then simply do this.

The additional benefit of this new tweak is that it enables the users to completely disable the banner. In addition it also enables the users to hid the background of any app or hide the homescreen when any app receive the notification and force the banners to appear or stay on the screen until they are physically dismissed by the user.

You can easily download the SmartBanners tweak free from the Cydia and it also compatible and capable for both the iOS 8 and iOS 9 powered devices.

Smart Banners tweak enables you to Customize Banner Notifications