SilentMessenger tweak lets you to disable receipts, online status and more in FB Messenger


If you are an iPhone user and mostly sign in to Facebook and use the Facebook Messenger from your iPhone, then the SiletnMessanger new tweak is the amazing app you should download. By installing this hack the user are able to control the privacy of his or her account by the disabling the ability of the app to show the last active time, the online status of reading the message and the typing receipts from the others.  You are also able to disable all this by enabling the “Silent mode” from the setting option of the tweak. After enabling the silent mode all the mentioned features are become disable but you have also choice to disable them individually.

Before installing the tweak note that after enabling the silent mode, the other are not able to see your current status and the same thing happening as you are also not able to see the other’s online status and their latest activities. The SiletnMessanger tweak shows a blue banner at the top of the app when you activated the silent mode. This in not only the pack contain the SilentMessenger app there are some other tricks also such as its ability to enable the “Do Not Track” functionality, whenever its turned on the Facebook Analytics will be stop and there is not stats or data will be sent to the Facebook for both the Facebook app itself and the Facebook Messenger.

The features of the new SilentMessenger tweak are not limited, it also allows the user  to send the infinite photos at once, able the user to send the larger bundles of the lengthy videos and also able user to disable the autoplay feature of the Facebook app. In addition to that the new tweak also increases the ability of the user to switch easily between the multiple accounts which are another cool element of the SiletnMessanger tweak. You can easily download this tweak for just US $ 1.50 from the Cydia. The SilentMessenger tweak is compatible for the iOS 7, iOS 8 and also for iOS 9.

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