Separate Photos taken from different cameras in the Mac’s Photos app


The newly established OS X Photos app is heavily inspired by the iOS Photo app which makes able the users to view and arrange their photos more effectively.  By using this OS X Photo app you can also import photos and put in order to you Mac device with just a few clicks. This app is designed very beautifully and also its quirks and the best feature of this app is that it will list the photos in the one single default album. For example the pictures are taken with you DSLR or form the other high quality camera then the picture will appear in the same folder location as the picture that you take with you own iPhone.

This may cause a problem for the professional photographers but fortunately this photo app will offers you a feature that will make it easier to split the different form of pictures which are based on the different set criteria and helps to create “Smart Album”.

By using this Smart Album feature you are able to develop the Photos app that shows you all the image that you taken from any meticulous camera it will separate in to the “Smart Album”.  You create a smart album which only shows photos from your Canon 70D E0S DSLR camera or it can be taken from any other camera or you using your own iPhones 6s.


To set the camera option and create your own smart app you need to click on the button of “File” from the menu bar and then click on the New Smart Album. It gives you the option the set the name for you new smart album and also gives you an option to select the camera for any particular album that you want to create.

After filling all the information or setting up the all criteria and conditions and set up the particular camera for the new album. From the second menu select the “include” and then finally select the camera model from the theirs menu.

In addition to differentiate the photos from the camera model used and the bases on the title, date, aperture, keywords, shutter speed, flash, lens, ISO and much more. You are also able to create and develop the several smart albums by clicking on the (+) button.