Safari Not Working After iOS 8.2 Update: How To Fix It?

With the iOS update rolled out on March 9th, there have been mixed feelings about this update. Although Apple are trying their best to resolve as many bugs and issues as possible from the previous versions, there are some good features like the health app. With many performance enhancements and related features fixed or improved, we have experienced some iPhone and iPad users complain about their Safari not working properly after they updated their devices, showing a blank screen or in cases where the app prematurely stops functioning.

We have some simple solutions to whoever is facing such problems. Take a look at them and see if it works to solve the Safari issue for you.

Safari Not Working After iOS 8.2 Update: How To Fix It?

Safari Not Working After iOS 8.2 Update How to Fix It?

Clear History / Web Data

The volume of data stored as web history and cache causes most of browser related problems. Even for regular users, the clearing routine can free up some space on your phone and keep the Safari app functioning properly, even after the update. Simply go to your Settings and choose Safari. Once there tap on the “Clear History and Mobile data” and make sure you follow this routine regularly.

Settings > Safari > Clear History & Website Data

Safari Not Working After iOS 8.2 How to Fix It?

Reset Network Settings

The other way is to reset your network settings from your iPhone or other iOs devices. Ideally the clearing of history and cache should solve the Safari issues, but if it doesn’t then try resetting the network settings.

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings – and this should work in resolving the Safari problems on your device

Safari Not Working After iOS 8.2

Restore your iOS Device to rid of Safari Related Problems

Restoring your iOS device may solve the problems with Safari. The problems in Safari may still exist because of the affected file system or settings, during the iOS 8.2 Update. So restoring your iOS device would be a good way to resolve the Safari issues. You need to connect the iOS device through iTunes and restore the device.

Restore Your iOS 8.2 device Safari Browser

Alternate Browser

Always keep an alternate browser on your iOS device, so you can switch to that when Safari faces issues. If none of the ideas work to solve the problems with Safari, then it is always smart to switch over to another browser. Browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox will be fine, saving your web data history and bookmark They are available on the App Store for free download.