QuickCenter tweak brings the 3D Touch menu’s to the Control Center

The 3D Touch is the most impressive concept which demonstrates that how the implementation of the 3D Touch will create the Control Center which is much better and more useful. If you like the idea, then you also becomes happy to know that a QuickCenter which is the new Cydia tweak introduce the each concept of life. The QuickCenter tweak extends the functionality of the Control Center which allows the users to forcefully tap on the toggle or buttons in order to get some more settings and options.

The buttons and the Toggles are supported by the QuickCenter tweak which included the Bluetooth, WiFi, Camera, Do Not Disturb, Alarms and Flashlight. In addition to its supporting feature range which is built-in to the Control Center buttons and toggles are the hacks and work better with the Polus tweak. This means that if you added the any other app to the shortcut menu then you can easily access it from the 3D Touch menu by just tapping on its icon.
Here’s what exactly you can do with the 3D Touch QuickCenter functionality which brings to the Control Center.

1. WiFi

From the Control Center you can easily switch between the available WiFi networks.

2. Bluetooth

You can easily access to the list of all devices which are in your range to connect it with the Bluetooth by just tap and hold the Bluetooth toggle.

3. Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb
From the 3D Touch menu of the DND toggle and can easily choose between the “Only” and the “Always” on the Lockscreen option.

4. Camera

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To view the live camera you can easily found it from the Control Center which enables you to take photos without launching the Camera app. You are also able to switch the cameras by tapping double on the camera view and by dragging resize the camera and get the focus by holding long.

5. Flashlight

By using the 3D Touch menu, you can easily turn on or Turn off the flashlight.

6. Alarm

You can set the specific alarms and can easily turn-on or off by using the 3D Touch menu even without open the Camera app.
The QuickCenter tweak is truly planned for the devices which are built-in the 3D Touch but it also works better with the older devices by using the RevealMenu or the other tweaks. The users of old devices are able to get access to the menu by pressing it long. The QuickCenter tweak is available on the Cydia for only one US dollar and also supported for the iOS 9 devices.

QuickCenter tweak brings the 3D Touch menu’s