Quick Tips to Disable and Enable the Siri & Voice Control and how to Show the Combined Battery Percentage

The Siri is great and allowing the users to set the events and reminders, for the talk and looking up for an information. The downside of the Siri is of the requirement of the internet and many people dislike it because of its presence all together. You just need to follow the instructions which are given below to disable the Siri and not only to disable the Siri, you can also enable the Voice Control if you are using the iPhone.

How to Disable the Siri and Enable Voice Control

How to Disable the Siri and Enable Voice Control

  • First step is Go to the Setting, then General and then open the Siri.
  • Next step is to switch off the “Siri”. A confirmation box will open for the conformation then select the “Turn-off Siri”.
  • Now the Siri will be disabled.

However if you have an iPhone and try to activate the Siri which is now replaced with the Voice Control. The Voice Control is not the smart as the Siri, but the Voice Control doesn’t need any internet connection which is good news for the users. You can also install the free package “Assistant Unrestrictor”, if you are Jailbroken which enables the Siri to connect when the internet is available and enables the Voice Control when the internet is not available.

Smart Battery Percentage tweak shows the Combined Battery Percentage

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If you are using the Smart Battery Cases offered by the Apple which helps to extend the iPhone’s battery life then you should definitely need to check out the “Smart Battery Percentage” tweak. The simple new tweak for the iOS Jailbroken devices combines the battery percentages of the case and the iPhone’s battery and displays the combined remaining percentage of the battery life at the right top of the status bar. This tweak is excellent for those people who always holds the battery case on and timely know how much the battery life is of their device is remaining before they need to plug it with a charger.

The Smart Battery Percentage tweak simply forced and once you download it you always the see the remaining amount of the total battery life time as you continuously use the Apple Smart Battery case. If both the iPhone and the case are fully charged, then you will see the battery time is 200 percent whereas the case has 70 percent charge and the iPhone has 80 percent charge then you will see the total battery life is 150 percent on the status bar.

If you find this new Smart Battery Percentage tweak interested then you can download it free from the Cydia. This tweak is available only on the developer’s repo, so you should add the  the Cydia sources and then search it.

Quick Tips Disable and Enable the Siri