Quick Tips: How to reveal the Hidden Menus from the Apple TV and How to save the webpage as the PDF on iOS

How to Reveal the Hidden Menus on the New Apple TV?


There is little fun secret which you may be not aware that the  tvOS powered Apple TV has the hidden menus within the settings app which lets you the change the advance settings from it. Most of the people probably won’t crave with the some of the pretty funny features and orderly to unlock them. Read the instruction given below carefully to learn how to reveal the new Apple TV hidden tvOS setting from the menu.

Reveal Advanced Settings on Apple TV

  • First step is open the “Settings” then search out “System” and then select the “Software Updates”.
  • After selecting the Software Updates option then press the Play/Pause button quickly for 4 times. By doing this a new menu appear which lets you to the “Advance Settings”.
  • The newly open Advance Settings page you can easily change the technical settings in the Apple TV. Each time you want to change the settings and also want to restore it back as the default settings you just need to follow the previous steps and press the Play/Pause button to make any change in the Apple TV settings.

The demo mode is the next secret menu likes the others in the Apple Store. Every user needs a fresh new experience and the all of settings revert back to the stock whenever the screensaver activates. To activate it follow the given below steps.

  • The first step is open the Settings and the General.
  • Push the Play and Pause button quickly for 4 times but make sure that the “about” is select.
  • The next step is the hit on the “Apply Changes” button and now you can enable the demo mode.

You can also disable it whatever you want, probably after for some time to use your Apple TV normally.

How to Save the Webpage on iOS as the PDF

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Do you know how the save the webpage which you open from the mobile Safari? The iOS will not only give you an option to save the any useful webpage which may contains your favorites images, articles and whatever but it will also offers you to save the webpage as the PDF and allows you to easily share via email with your friends. The saving any webpage is helpful when you want it to use or read it when you are offline and want to send it to your friends and don’t want to just share the link. Read carefully the all instructions which are give below to learn about how to save the webpage as the PDF on your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone via the mobile Safari.

  • Open the Safari browser and search any page of your own choice which you want to safe.
  • When the open page is fully loaded then tap on the “Sharesheet” from the bottom bar.
  • Swipe left from the second row until you see the “Save PDF to the iBooks” button and then tap on it.

The iOS save the page to the iBooks after converting into the PDF page. The iBook app now open the newly safe page as the PDF documents and for using the sharing feature return back to the Safari to share it or print it. The entire page will be saved and downloaded as the single document in the A4 page size which also makes it easy to print it. You can also open the downloaded webpage from the iBooks app.

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