Proximity Lock enables Users to Lock iPhone by Covering it with their Hand

ProximityLock enables Users to Lock iPhone by Covering it with their Hand

Every iPad or iPhone user must know that in order to lock their iPhone devices they must have to press the lock button. However if the user have the malfunctioning lock button or simply the user don’t like to pressing it then there is a nice hack for you which offers a great easiness for you. With the help of this Proximity Lock new tweak which is available on the Cydia, you can change the way as you previous locked your device. This tweak enables the users to lock the iPhone with the help of proximity sensor.

For those users who are not familiar with the proximity sensor; it is a kind of special sensor which is build at the top part of the iPhone. The sensor helps to checks to watch if a little or something is covering the device at the front and turns the display off. The sensor is not active at all times but though might able to see the proximity sensor in action even during the calls.  Whenever you puts the phone on your ear after receiving or dialling the call the device screen turns off and the touchscreen of your mobile stops taking inputs. The screen of your mobile phone turns on again when you remove it from your ear.

The ProximityLock tweak locks the device by using the advantage of the proximity sensor whenever the user moves his or her hand in front of the sensor. Simply when you are using the iPhone and simply want to lock it then move your hand over the top section of your iPhone exact at the place where the front camera is located to lock your device.

While it is a great idea and the several users like this to lock the device unintentionally as sometimes they forget to lock it by their hands but it is quite annoying for some users. In case of any wonder the developers of this tweak also reveal that it does not affect the battery life of iPhone.

You can freely download the ProximityLock tweak from the Cydia. It is also compatible for the all Jailbroken device which are running through the iOS 9 or above.