ProtonMail app brings end-to-end encrypted email service to iOS


If you are searching for the mail service which ensures your security for your email communications, data and end-to-end encryption then the ProtonMail app encrypts the Email and offers the best services which you should try. The newly updated service has officially launched for the iOS apps which make it possible for the users of iPad, iPod touch and iPhone to manage and encrypted all the email data and accounts.

The CERN scientists founded the ProtonMail service which also offers the PGP end-to-end encryption for all the emails accounts. The PGP encryption means your email which also containing your data is remain private and out of the reach of the hackers and even all your messages are not accessible to the ProtonMail.


In addition to providing the encrypted environment and the data security for all the email conversations and communications. The ProtonMail app for all iOS devices offers the great features which are greatly designed and accompanied with the customizable swipe gestures and increases the user’s ability to send the expiring emails which is become damaged after the specified date.

The ProtonMail also offers their service on their webpage and also requires you to create an account to receive the ProtonMail services. In addition to use it services the ProtonMail also create the automatic PGP key creation and manage itself. The users are also able to send the code word protected email to any non-ProtonMail email addresses.

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The amazing featured app the ProtonMail is completely free and easy to use. In order to using for the iOS apps the user of ProtonMail are also able to manage the all your emails on the all Android apps and also for the desktop websites. The ProtonMail app is the universal app and supporting for the all the iOS models and devices. The ProtonMail is available for free from the App store.

ProtonMail app