Procedure to Reinstall repo of ZodTTD in Cydia

One of the most famous default sources of Cydia is ZodTTD amongst Telesphoreo, BigBoss, Dev Team and ModMyi. Repo of “ZodTTD & MacCiti” will be there by itself after you jailbreak your iOS device and establish Cydia. For several causes, plenty of people delete ZodTTD repo by mistake and after they like to insert it back. It is not very important to contain this repo as Cydia will function as normal lacking it. Though, ZodTTD has various exclusive apps that make ZodTTD repo vital because it permits you to play numerous games on iPhone. In addition, it also serves up as a significant Cydia sources for free ringtones, themes, wallpapers, tweaks and mods. Following are some steps by following them you can easily restore ZodTTD.

Steps how to Reinstall Repo of ZodTTD .

There are three techniques to re-add ZodTTD repo if it was removed by accident.

First method:

  1. Simply re-add the repo of ZodTTD in the directory of black slash.
  2. Just open black “slash directory” and go to private/etc/apt/sources.list.d.
  3. Edit it by opening in the text viewer.
  4. Add the given line there “deb stable main”
  5. That’s it!

Second method: Add it from Cydia.


  1. Simply open Cydia and on the main page tap on “More Package Sources.”
  2. In “Default Sources,” you will be capable to observe ModMyi repo, ZodTTD & MacCiti and BigBoss repo.
  3. Just tap on “ZodTTD repo.” Then a message box will appear saying Add Source ZodTTD?
  4. Simply tap Add and there will be loading and done!.

Third method: Second way to add ZodTTD from Cydia.

The third technique is also very simple. It is similar to how you extra sources to the Cydia. Its same like that.

  1. Simply open Cydia and open Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add.
  2. Place repo of ZodTTD there which is to “Enter Cydia/APT URL” text box. Try one more URL which is if the previous given URL is not operational for you.
  3. Just tap on “Add Source” button to add repo.
  4. After loading tap on “Return to Cydia” when the repo adds successfully.


For the users using Mac and Windows, you can scan the given QR code below from the device to get ZodTTD & MacCiti source.

These are the simple ways to re-add ZodTTD.