Procedure to Jailbreak iOS 9 and Download Cydia on it.


Pangu 9 has arrived. Pangu launched the latest Pangu Jailbreak Tool for iOS 9 jailbreak out of nowhere. This is only the Windows version; perhaps PP Jailbreak will take again the source code and return the jailbreak to Mac.

Download Cydia on iOS 9

To download Cydia on iOS 9 you should have, yes you’ve presumed it right, definitely an iOS device operating the most up-to-date software of iOS 9.

You also require a Windows operating PC through which you can download Pangu 9.

Pangu isn’t our instrument; we are not accountable in any means if you’re harming your device. Don’t be anxious, millions of consumers are utilizing Pangu and nobody has blocked their phone. Just simply tag along the tutorial. It is common sense; you can leave out some of the steps like backing up your phone. If you desire to download further version of iOS then go to Cydia Download Page.

Steps to Jailbreak iOS 9 by means of Pangu on Windows.

Pangu 9 is supportive to “iOS 9 / iOS 9.0.1 / iOS 9.0.2” operational on iPhone “4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S and 6S plus / iPad 2to4, mini 1to4, Air 1and2 / iPod touch 5and6 gen.”

  • First backup the entire data of yours on iTunes/iCloud/Google.
  • To be secure perform a fresh installation of iOS 9.0.2.
  • Renew iTunes if required.
  • Turn Passcode Off” and “Find My iPhone” as well.
  • Switch your device to Airplane Mode.
  • Attach your iOS device to the Windows PC,
  • Launch Pangu 9 app and tap Start, if you overlooked the download link click here.
  • There will appear two apps on your home screen, “Pangu and WWDC.”
  • Soon after the reboot of device you’ll be requested to unlock the respected device and again switch on the Airplane mode.
  • After that start Pangu on the device when asked and give it right to use to what it desires.
  • Then you’ll be prompted when the procedure is finished, simply shut the Pangu for Windows and permit your device to reboot.

You’ve at the moment effectively Jailbroken your device. Cydia should be on your home screen.

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