Polus Cydia iOS 8.4 : a customized quickLaunch experience for Control Center

Now that you have known a huge number of tricks and tweaks of the jailbreaks, we have come again to offer you yet another tweak of the jailbreak. The tweak is known as Polus and this can be said to be an extension which adds a lot of improvements for the Quicklaunch section of the overall control section.

With the help of Polus, you shall be able to customize the shortcuts of the apps of control center and also assign the Activator Gestures within the apps. Once you have installed Polus, you shall find the preference panel for the special tweak in the stock settings app.

What is Polus Cydia iOS 8.4 and what is the customized quicklaunch experience

The preferences for Polus contains two major sections, the first is, Select Apps, which help you in selecting which apps shall appear on the quick launch section. The second part comprises of the Arrange order, this helps in synchronizing and customizing the appearance of overall apps that you have chosen in the first section.

Polus settings

The arrange order section might be a little time consuming. You shall find drag handles for rearranging the app order, toggle to order and hide the apps according to your most or recent usage. You shall also find the pagination settings and the option for enabling the circle borders surrounding the app icons that appear on the quick launch section.

Polus arrange order iOS 8.4

Advantages of the customized quicklaunch experience with Polus Software

But the best part of this tweak is its capability for activating the Activator actions for both the tap and tap and hold actions. For making that happen, you need to tap on the app, known as the arrange order section and also you shall be able to find a set of preferences for each app individually.

Polus Activator, Polus iOS 8.4, Polus Software

Lastly, there are a huge number of glyphs that can be assigned to a shortcut. The glyph packs offer a collection of glyphs icons along with a number of helping miscellaneous glyphs. If you wish, then you can also download more glyph packs for adding more customization to the Polus.

Polus Glyphs

Lastly, we would like to say, if you are looking for customizing your quick launch section, then the best way to do that is with Polus. We bet at present there are no other ways for customizing your device except this hyper polished tweak from the iOS development teams. You can also check out the detailed video of this tweak for more convenient process of customizing your device, we bet you shall definitely like it.