Personal Assistant Tweak Add the most Commonly Used Functions to the Lockscreen

Personal Assistant Tweak Add the most Commonly Used Functions to the Lockscreen

Every day we look and open our iOS devices to perform several tasks either we receive any notification from the different apps, the weather report, our calendar, time and alarms even just watching the battery percentage of our devices. Throughout the day we use our device for a lot of times so it could not be better or great to view all in one place which can improve our tasks and safe time. The Personal Assistant app it the new entitled tweak which attempts the best.

1. Calendar

Personal Assistant is the best lockscreen tweak which displays the information which you need the most on your lockscreen. The most probably is the calendar; where you can see next event and the upcoming events. By just tapping once on the banner you can view the title, time, location and the special notes for the particular event. Below your notification it shows all the notifications which you like to appear in the notification center and it automatically becomes updated.

2. Weather App

The other is the weather app which is at the right top corner and displays the current weather situation and temperature along with the low and high. After tapping on it you can view the entire day weather condition along with the next ten days. You can also view the time and date on the left top corner and can also view the seconds on the clock on your own choice. The iOS 9 user also can edit the alarms unfortunately the other can’t do this.

3. Battery

The next feature is the battery by tapping on it you can experience the cool and pretty features. This feature shows the remaining battery even in minutes or seconds. While it displays the quite accurate remaining time as other display below the generic which is not based on the earlier battery drain times. You can also find the app picker at the bottom and can select your favorite and the most recent app. Although its works well but it would be a batter if it is position at some batter place rather then it is place from the left to the right at screen.

4. Music Player

This is the last but not certainly the least feature the music player feature. While its looks pretty with the small blur of the color at the background which depending on the album artwork. The only problem is quoted with the Music app it would still appear and would not show the music which is started with “a” and “-“.