Speed up your iPhone/iPad running IOS 9

Speed up your iPhone/iPad

Speed up your iPhone/iPad Apple’s new operating system IOS 9 is in the market and running in many new as well as old devices. In IOS 9 many new features have been added having some new extensions and make devices able to do multitasking and makes users more productive. A …

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buzz feed

You always listens a term “widget” in your daily life but you know what is meaning of that term .Widget is basically a component of a program, a short cut to a larger application .we see them on our Smartphones , on our computers and on different websites during surfing. …

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Download Cydia (OPEN MKTAPP) on iPHONE

 Cydia Download Introduction Cydia is a software application designed by Jay Freeman (also known as Saurik) that enables APPLE users on “jailbroken” devices to customize their iDEVICES by allowing them to install Applications that are not available in the Apple store market. Cydia is basically a substitute to APPLE app …

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