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Nokia to comeback in May next year


On Thursday Nokia of Finland publicized that its agreement with HMD Global Oy, a latest company shaped to revive Nokia brand phones, has appeared into power and that HMD has untied for business.

HMD stated the 1st Smartphone products providing name of Nokia would be released in the initial half of 2017, whereas the company will carry on operating its Nokia low-cost phone company.

“With a most important position in feature phone market previously, HMD has an important global grip from starting day,” HMD stated in a report.

Nokia is going to launch an Android-based handset in the start of next year. After proclaiming its plans to come again to phones and tablets in May, Nokia is giving more particulars today as it celebrates an agreement of licensing by way of HMD (HMD Global). Also stand in Finland, HMD is the latest home of Nokia company phones beneath a brand licensing agreement that will continue for as a minimum 10 years.

Nokia is introducing a latest phones section on its website in the present day, marking the comeback of Nokia tablets and Smartphones subsequent to Microsoft got hold of its phone industry and destroyed the Nokia brand in support of Lumia. The initial Nokia Smartphones driven by Android will be accessible in the initial 2017half, at the side of feature phones of Nokia-brand.

Nokia previously tested with Android just at the forefront of acquisition of Microsoft, and the first device of company subsequent to that agreement was an iPad mini replica running Android. A Nokia come back to phones is a strange twist in the Microsoft and Nokia story of effort to acclimatize to Smartphones and iPhone of Apple. We will be waiting until coming year to observe if the vision of an Android-driven Nokia Smartphone is actually capable to contend with Apple, Samsung, Google and the several additional Android phones in the market.


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