New Package on Cydia allows you to run the Classic Mac OS on iOS

New Package on Cydia allows you to run the Classic Mac OS on iOS

Have you ever wanted to use the 1980s Macintosh software on your iOS device? Surely the answer is, No. Now you should thanks to the new Package Mini vMac which is recently released and made by the Cydia developers. It is been around here for a while but now it appears and releases on the Cydia and there is no any further need for the Mac to install it with the Xcode and once you download it and add to ROM files it works great.

To reveal a menu you should need to swipe with the two fingers from right to the left to inset your virtual floppy disks. You can also create the new one, rename it and can easily remove them. Unfortunately each time I tried to create or rename it from my iPad with iOS 8 it always becomes crashed. To open the setting menu swipe from left to the right and the first option you look is the speed of which to emulate.

If you are wondering that why you would want to run at twice, 4 times or even the 8 times to the normal speed for that there is a good reason, some of the operating system  which you can run are more than 30 years old which are not exactly the fast then today’s standards. It can also be used for the installation process which takes the longer time for running at the normal speed. An option is given below to use it either the trackpad style for the mouse or use the touch screen. Finally there is an option given to select the keyboard layout which you want and can also select the machine which you want to emulate. To reveal the keyboard swipe up from the bottom of the screen with the two fingers.

Does it work better after doing all this? Yes it works well and even works better sometimes then the original Macintoshes. Is it more practical? Yes it is, but it depends on you. You can also play the classic games and run software’s but make sure you have the digital copies and you should need to do the lot of searching work to get it better.  It becomes very funny to see how much the technology get progressed over many years. I don’t know it is fun but it is free to use and you can get it from the BigBoss repo.