Most Common IOS 9 jailbreak Problems and solutions


IOS 9 is the latest operating system introduced by Apple, which is currently running in the new and older updated devices. Many teams were working on its jail-breaking process but finally the tool is in the market now introduced by Pangu. The tool is consistent with all the devices running with IOS 9 including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.As it is the first attempt of jail-breaking IOS 9, so it has some bugs which needs to be fixed. Most of the iPhone users face the similar problems while jail-breaking their cell phone.So if you are one of them that are facing problems in jail-breaking process, here are some useful guidelines.

First off all, you need to know the basic requirements as demanding by Pangu for a successful jailbreak process that are

  • Go to the iCloud settings and disable find my iPhone
  • Deactivate all security measures and Lockscreen
  • Turn on airplane mod

Unable to complete 100 %

Sometimes it happens that users of iphone encrypt their backup using iTunes and the jailbreaking process does not complete to 100% and users got error notification before completion. In this situation you need to disable encrypt your backup using iTunes and starts the jailbreaking process again.

Failed to locate Cydia app/cydia crashing

If you have completed you jailbraking process in the iPhone successfully but unable to find the Cydia app on your screen, then go to the photo app, and then run the Pangu app and wait, and sometimes it happens that when you try to open the Cydia for the first time it crashes and do not open, then to solve this issue you need to restore your device to factory resetting.

Compatibility with the IOS 9

If you find any error during the jailbreaking process then again examine the compatibility of the Pangu jailbreaking tool with the IOS 9.

Cydo/Cydia/usr/libexc error (2) error

Sometimes during the jailbreaking process you notice these errors, the only solution to fix these errors are to restore your iphone and rejailbreak it.

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App crashes

This is the most common problem that iphone users face after jailbreaking process this happened mostly due to jailbreak tweaks that are aimed at certain apps, so these tweaks can create mess for the apps like Facebook and YouTube, particularly if the tweaks are not updated and compatible with app version. The only solution to fix the problem is to go Cydia and to uninstall the tweaks and wait for the updated tweaks that support the app version.

Got stuck at “Reloading data” in Cydia

Sometimes it happens that when you open the Cydia after jailbreaking process it reload data because the repos in it updated and refreshes automatically. This happens for a few seconds but if it takes more time and gets freezes, this means Cydia has some issue. To fix the issue you need to find out which repo is creating the problem, tap on the sources button below, and find out the repo that has loading circle next to it, swipe to left to the repo and delete it.

Do not go for OTA updates

If you are facing another issue excluding we all have discussed above than is due to reason that you might have upgrade your IOS 9 version via OTA updates .Attempt to restoring your device from iTunes, this will solve the issue you face.

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