Molar tweak offers the useful features and shortcuts for your iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard


If you are using the Bluetooth keyboard from your iPhone then you should absolutely need to check out the new updated Molar tweak for your Jailbroken devices. The new released of the Molar tweaks brings the OS X-like shortcuts to the iOS. Further in addition to adding up the new keyboard shortcuts for iPhone the new Molar tweaks added up with the new app switcher which can be operated and accessed by simply pressing the key combination of CMD + Tab button. The new app switcher also enables you to cycle through the opened applications just like you do the same action on iPad or Mac. The new app switcher is enabled in the all other parts of the iOS including the all apps and homescreen.

This in not only single function offered by the new Molar tweak, you can also able to close the all selected apps and can stimulated the power or home button with the key combination. The new Molar tweak also provides the option to create the combination of custom key and also enables you to allocate them to dissimilar activator actions. By using the App control feature which make it easier for the tweak users to select the on-screen UI elements. You need to use the tab and the arrow key to move cursor on the different options, buttons, sliders, tables, date pickers, text fields and many more.

You also need to press the arrow key to scroll and view the all options and you are able to set the shortcut to launch the app with the Molar’s tweak App feature, for example you can select and press the Cmd + 1 to launch Mail and the Cmd + 0 keys to press and launch the music.


The developer of the App also has promised to add the new features in the new upcoming updated such as the “Key Sheet” which enables the any user to view all available shortcuts which actually works in the application by holding the Cmd key and there is also need to make improvements in the App Control options. You can now download the new Molar tweak for just paying the cost of US $ 1.99 from the Cudia’s BigBos repo. It also works on the all devices which are running on the iOS 7 to up iOS 9.

Molar tweak offers the useful features and shortcuts for your iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard