LockMinder enables you to quickly view the reminders right on the lockscreen


The newly launch Cydia tweak called the LockMinder which makes it easier for the user to view the pending list of tasks right on the lockscreen. By installing this hack a user can easily look what is next due on the screen without unlocking the device. The user only needs to just swipe towards right on the lockscreen to get quickly access to “second” page which displays all of your reminders. The new tweak drags all the date from the stock Reminder app and it also displays the LockMinder page if you added the reminder in the application.

This tweak increases the user’s ability to select the reminders which are most important and want to displays on the LockMinder screen. This tweak works also great when you select the most important reminder to displays on the lockscreen and ignoring others. The other benefit of this tweak the user experienced is the reminder listed which are displays on the lockscreen can be viewed without unlocking the device. The users are also able to just show the reminder on the LockMinder screen which is comfortable to showing others.

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If you have set the passcode, then there is no need to worry about it you can still get access to the passcode screen by normally swiping and the passcode page appears on the next side of the lockscreen. The LockMinder users also need to install the LockPage tweak for the proper working of the LockMinder tweak. You can easily download the LockMinder tweak free form the Cydia and you have needed to add the http://128keaton.com/Cydia on your Cydia source first.

So this is an easiest way to add the reminder which are most important and easily displayed in front of your Lockscreen without unlocking the device you have access to see them.

LockMinder enables you to quickly view the reminders right on the lockscreen