Leaked Screenshots are come out to Show Siri for Mac

Leaked Screenshots are come out to Show Siri for Mac

The Siri for the Mac is extended long and this years it seems like we are finally able to see its release on the macOS or the OS X platform. This news has been confirmed from the allegedly leaked screenshots for the new upcoming macOS or for the OS C update which is expected to be launched in the WWDC 2016. The leaked screenshots are posted by the MacRumors displays the Siri icons and also show the bar button on the Mac. The leaked screenshots also displays the black and white color menu bar button, these are button which are normally features as the word Siri.

The display icon of the Siri is supplementary holding the interesting features as it displays the rounded icon waves which are very similar as how the Siri emerge on the iOS platform as well as on others. According to the leaks when the user of this particular app click on these buttons, a kind of Siri interface is become display with the waveform animation which indicating that the individual assistant is listening.

The iPhone more convenient “Hey Siri” function is also present which helps the users to talk to the Siri even without any click on the icons or pressing any buttons. The Hey Siri by default function will also be turned off but it makes the user able to turn it back from the System Preference on if the user wants to take it on.

The integration of the app is still in the early progress and the Apple is the running developer and makes it public beats before as the macOS release in September accordingly. The app is now able to launch apps and conducting the web searches, counter to the HomeKit commands and perform different tasks to text messages, email and calendars etc.